Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Paleo Day

I had to laugh yesterday as I spent the day doing my Paleo diet, I felt pretty good despite the lady in the next office trying to decide whether she was going to have chips or chocolate from the vending machine for afternoon tea. Afternoons are when Lucy, the inner lab, starts to whine for a treat but I was prepared with some nuts and seeds until I got home. Mal decided to make a batch of scones and timed it so they were fresh out of the oven when I got home from work. My willpower muscle got a good workout and I declined – not even a little taste. Very proud of myself, I was. Of course, Missy T, being the little biarch she is, thought it was funny to wave her still warm scone under my nose. The girls thought that was sooooooo funny! Apart from that, I actually don’t find it hard to “diet” with family as Mal and the kids eat what I have. Last night was chicken and salad which we all had but I just cut the dressing and the cheese. Easy-peasy!
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