Friday, September 10, 2010

9 Days To Go

That flight or fight reflex is still there today. I know it is just head games about getting up in a teensy bikini in front of a heap of people, I'll have a ball once I'm there. Going to Body Balance last night really helped though. That final 10 minutes of meditation allows me to switch off for a short time which is what I need.

It looks as though Miss Liz won't be able to help me out backstage due to unforseen circumstances and she is kindly trying to find a replacement. That is the hard part about competing away from home - it's not like I can just phone a friend to fill in - and I don't really know heaps of people in Brissy. Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be okay.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us as usual but at least soccer has finished for the season so that's one less thing we have to worry about. I need to get a few final things for my comp bag and then I can pack it up and I'll be ready to rock and roll. I think it will be a fairly big comp again this year as I received an email this morning asking for people in the Open and Novice Divisions to send in their heights so I can safely assume they are splitting these divisions. I wonder how many girls are competing in Intermediate. It continues to amaze me just how popular body building is getting.
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