Monday, September 27, 2010

Back In The Groove

I weighed in this morning for the first time since just before leaving for Brissy and I wasn't surprised to see a 3 kg gain. I'm not too concerned as I think most of that is fluid from eating extra carbs and not drinking nearly enough water. After a week of easy meals and not many veggies it is nice to be back to eating normally. Apart from a few walks while we were away, I didn't do any exercise either. I decided to do one of my Cathe weight training DVDs this morning and enjoyed that shaky feeling you get after a good workout.

I'm currently waiting on feedback from the comp although I know what it will be. I feel like I need to build my shoulders a bit more and work on my legs. I was quite happy with my back and abs. After having a chat with my girlfriends during our walks on holidays, I would like to organise some outdoor workouts with them just for a bit of fun. I also bought a kettlebell while away and am looking forward to incorporating that into my training. Liz is also doing up a training program for me and I'll have some new DVDs to play around with. I think with all this exercise shouldn't be an issue.
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