Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm Back

Well the comp is done and dusted and we've had a week at the Sunshine Coast which wasn't very sunny at all. I swear we could break droughts just by going camping!

The comp was fun - it was nice to be back up there again. I got ready back at the camp ground and I got some funny looks as I was getting ready in the bathroom. I have to admit I was pretty proud of the job I did on my hair and make-up as I have no talent in that department whatsoever. Mal tanned me up in the camper with the heater going as it was rainy and wet all day.

I was amazed when we got to the Sleemans Centre as it was packed this time and the only seats were way up the back. There was a good vibe and I was feeling pretty good. I met up with my backstage helper to fix up my tan and pump up. The nerves hit me just before we went up on stage and I couldn't stop shaking which unfortunately distracted me during my poses. I really need to learn how to keep my nerves in check. I wasn't called out which I have to admit I was a little disappointed ... I think everyone wants some recognition for all the hard work ... but I know my legs really let me down. The top 3 definitely deserved their placings.

So after a couple of minutes on stage it was all over, time to head back to camp and celebrate and I think I spent the rest of the week celebrating. After a lazy week with only a few walks as exercise I'm looking forward to getting back to eating clean and training hard.
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