Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Normal to Crazy and Back Again

Sleep deprivation and me just don't mix (does it with anyone?) The end of last week saw me with very little sleep and by Saturday I was a blubbering mess. To add to my craziness I checked out the professional photos from the comp online (what the hell was I thinking???) I hadn't ordered the CD as last comp Mal took better photos. Unfortunately, he was unable to get a good seat this time round. I felt so disappointed looking at the photos, I felt I had better definition before I started carb loading which got me thinking where it went wrong. During the day, Vera my ab vein never showed. Maybe I carb loaded too much - I don't think it was too little. Maybe I need to add some fat or something else. I don't know. Anyway, on Saturday the crazy woman was teary and unreasonable. I prescribed myself a nanna nap in the afternoon and 3 hours later the sun was shining again and I was back to my happy-self thinking about how if I compete again I think I will play around with loading to see what suits me better. Funny how lack of sleep messes with your mind.
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