Friday, November 05, 2010

Early Starts

When I decided to get back into fulltime work Mal and I didn't want to have to put the girls into after school care - I'd be stuffed if I was going to work extra hours only to give that money to daycare. As Mal works in industry, he starts at 6 and is home to pick the kids up from school and I have been lucky enough to get the 9 - 5 shift which means I can drop them off in the mornings. This works out fantastically for us and I feel blessed that we have employers that didn't mind us dictating our start and finish times. This week Mal has had a training course which has meant that we needed to swap around - again I know how lucky we are that my boss is okay with this - and I have started at 6 am the last couple of mornings. I love the early start, mainly because I get to finish early, drop the kids of at dancing and get to a 'real' gym for a change. The gym I go to is just around the corner from dancing so it works out just dandy. The only downside is poor Mossy has missed his morning walk but I might squeeze that in this arv. I have to laugh though because when the guys I work with see me they always have a comment that I must be struggling with the early start. Ummm, hello? I'm up at this time every morning, it's just that I'm at work rather than working out at home! Silly rabbits!

Last night I had a prescribed gym workout - an upper body circuit a-la Liz. As usual there was a big ouchie factor, particularly the tricep push down ladders. I finished my evening with a Body Balance class which was lovely as usual. I always find I sleep well after a Body Balance sesh although after doing the P90X Yoga X, Body Balance was a bit of a cinch.
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