Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That's Christmas Done For Another Year

We managed to get down to Bundy for Chrissy and had a lovely couple of days with my folks. My brother and his family came down for the day as well which was nice. The girls and I got up nice and early and to save my parents having to get up at sparrow's fart I took the girls for a walk. Mind you, the olds still grumbled about having to get up too early ... 6 am isn't early, is it?? Santa bought me the Zumba DVD set, the final "Scrubs" season and a lovely maxi dress - I felt thoroughly spoilt. I've had a play with Zumba DVDs since getting home and enjoyed it - but then I love pretty much anything that has dance in it :o) I dearly wish one of the gyms in town offered Body Jam but I can only dream.

We came home on Sunday morning as we were worried that we wouldn't be able to get home, as it was we had to take the 'long' way due to the Agnes Road being cut.

The rest of the weekend was spent lolling around the house. I have to admit to having cabin fever by the end of yesterday and wishing the rain would just go away. I got to take Mossy and his girlfriend, Lucy, for a walk on Monday when there was a break in the weather. I was amazed when I looked down and just down the road from our house was a yabby swimming in the gutter. We have also found another couple in the drain outside our place. We live on a fairly steep hill with no water around so it was a bit surprising to see them. Weird!
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