Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I just received a phone call from my photographer friend. She is doing a display for International Womens Day and was wanting to photograph women of all shapes and sizes and would like to photograph me as someone who is 'buff'. Even though I have said yes I am in panic mode. I am currently 5 kg over my comp weight and not feeling too buff and she wants to do the photos next week so it is too late to get to comp level. Okay, take a breath Mich ... I am, afterall only 5 kg heavier than what I competed at which is pretty darn good considering it is 5 months since my comp and while I'm not comp ready I'm sure I look okay - I can't see it but I have that whole body dismorphic thing going on. Plus I'm sure she will be able to work the angles to get me looking my best - isn't it all just smoke and mirrors? Man, what have I got myself into????
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