Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Simple Things

As I said in my previous post, yesterday's workout was one that I got from Liz awhile back. It is called her 'El Basico Leg and Ab workout'. Today I'm reminded how the effective the simple things are as I am suffering a nice little case of DOMS - and I didn't really work to my full capacity. When doing the 12wbt, Mish would talk about 'paralysis by analysis' which I guess is similar to the KISS principle. Sometimes it is easy to over complicate things and get paralysed by too much information when the basics work just fine.

I bought Michelle Bridges new book yesterday and am thinking of following the layout of the program in the book which is the same as her 12wbt program. I like alternating my cardio and weights days plus she has a day dedicated to stretching. It is a program that I know I can fit into my lifestyle.

On another note, I am heading down to Brissy this week to catch up with my sister and her family. My sissy, niece and I are going to Wicked on Wednesday night which should be great. Can't wait :o)
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