Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magic Spag Bol

I was on the verge of yet another meltdown as there was no change in the scales this week but I was sticking to my guns (I'm like that) and continued with eating and training as I normally do. It is sometimes so tempting to do the whole crazy diet/exercise thing to get results fast but what of the long term damage as well as the fact that a number on a scale doesn't always equate to looking fit. Wednesday night is a crazy night which calls for an easy dinner. Moo has dancing until 6:30 but is always running late and Mal had touch footy at 6:15 by the time I picked up Missy T from the footy field it was closer to 7 pm. We decided that Mal would prep some spag bol for me to reheat when I got home. I have to admit to feeling a little bit apprehensive having that for dinner but was rather relieved when I recorded a 0.5 kg loss on the old scales this morning. It surprises me just how often that happens and I'm starting to think that there are some magical weight loss properties in spaghetti bolognaise. LOL!! It goes to show that I don't have to cut carbs to get results :o)
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