Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Blonde Moment

Week 1 is almost over and I have to say I'm enjoying the program more this round. I think it's because it's not focused on weight loss for the Lean and Strong Program. The food has been fantastic, I think I have loved everything we have had this week. The base calories are still around the 1200 mark with snacks but I am adding a smidge more and while I'm starving by meal time I don't have that constant hunger that I did last year.

Training has been really good. I rocked up to the gym on Monday and was about to start my bicep curls when I noticed that one of the barbells was already set up for the weight I wanted so I used it. As I worked my way through the set I was thinking how hard it was and berating myself for being such a weakling. I refused to go back down in weight and battled through all my sets (and nearly doing a foo-foo valve) only to realise when I was done that what I thought was a 2.5 kg plate was actually a 5 kg so I did an extra 5 kg than what I thought. I guess there is no turning back now!
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