Friday, May 20, 2011


Life has been pretty darn busy here this week. I'm preparing for an audit at the moment and while almost everything is as how it should be, I have spent the week making sure we have dotted the i's and crossed the t's. As a result, my brain is a little fried.

We received our Week 1 for the 12wbt and I'm keen as mustard to get stuck into it. Some of the recipes look pretty good but I may have to add extra veg in some cases. I think I will try and cook a couple of things this weekend and freeze so I have easy meals.

I like the look of the program I'm doing this time around. I am doing the Lean and Strong program which has 4 days of weights, one day of stretching/light cardio and then the Super Saturday Session which is a mix of cardio and weights. I think I might mix it up a bit depending on the little girl's soccer game time. I can always use some of my DVDs as quite a few of them have a weights and cardio element to them. I would also like to squeeze in a smidge more cardio ... purely because I ♥ it :o)
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