Sunday, November 20, 2011

Least Favourite Vid

As I have said before the 12wbt has 2 videos to watch each week.  Most are full of great tips and are very useful.  Today's message would be my least favourite as it is on tips for eating out.  I'm not bagging the video in any way and there are some handy hints that would helped lots of people but, for me, I don't get to go out for dinner very often so I really don't want to be full of angst on what I should and shouldn't be eating before I even get to the restaurant.  If I'm going to a Thai restaurant I will plan to have a curry knowing that is full of coconut milk but I will eat it guilt free as I don't eat like that every week.  I will plan to have dessert because nothing beats dessert when you are out.  I will not get on the restaurant's website and pre-plan my meal so I don't have something too fatty.  I understand that this video is most probably for people who go out often and are likely get a lot out of it but it doesn't do much for me.  Just sayin'.
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