Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Round 3 Done and Dusted (Well Nearly)

We are in Week 12 of the 12wbt and it's time for essay submissions and after photos to be taken.  Unlike last round where I got to the end and wondered what could have been, this round I have no regrets.  It wasn't the perfect round (hell, it was far from it) but as I have said on numerous occasions that it is not about going hammer and tong for 12 weeks and then fall in a heap afterwards.  If I wanted comp prep, I would compete.  This is about lifestyle with a focus on healthy living but not taking over my whole life.   During the course of the 12 weeks I have had holidays, sickness, I did the Weekend Warrior Bootcamp and then crashed and burned the week after (lesson learnt there!) BUT I've also achieved so many things.  I reached advanced in the time trial (1 km run) for the fitness test, I got through my Horror Week and kept up with my training and squeaky clean eats (thanks to my Hubby) and I did the Bootcamp.  Although I may not get a shiny trophy, I'm pleased with my 12 weeks.
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