Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Time

Here are some photos of our camping trip.
Afternoon drinkies

Coming down the water slide

The big splash at the end - Where's Missy T?

Moo enjoying the cool of the water

Missy T
As I said yesterday, Mal dropped the girls at work with their bikes so we could ride home together.  We took the long way home so we didn't have to cross any major roads and the added bonus was we stopped off at one of the parks and grabbed an ice cream for a bit of a treat.  Gladdie is quite a hilly town and being by the sea we get an afternoon breeze gale  into which we always seemed to be riding so the ride home was pretty hard yakka.  Toward the end of the ride there is a long incline which is tough going and I really had to pep the girls up to keep them going.  Missy T was absolutely knackered and I think it might be awhile before I can talk her into it again.  LOL!  I enjoy being able to do these sort of things with the girls and I hope to continue once the kids get back to school.  That can sometimes be the problem when school and sports starts back up; it's hard to fit in family exercise but I know I need to make more of an effort as the benefits make it worthwhile.
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