Monday, April 30, 2012

I Am Good Enough

As I'm sure you are aware this round has been tough going.  I mean, I haven't exactly hidden it.  LOL!  I have felt like a failure because I'm not achieving great things.  These are my issues and no reflection on the program.  I'm a plodder, I slowly chip away at my goal.  I do the best I can while I work around my family and my job.  People will overtake me.  I am like a forward in a footy match.  I do hit-up after hit-up and I may not even score a try but I make ground.  And the next set of 6 I do it over again.  I'm not the winger who flies up the sideline.  That is not me.  My achievements may be small, insignificant maybe.  Trying out a new type of training, failing at something simple like box jumps but trying again the next day, having a friend join the 12wbt for her to realise that she loves weight training and seeing her go from strength to strength.  Small achievements, I know, but it makes me realise that I am good enough.
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