Thursday, April 26, 2012

What Next?

This round has nearly finished.  It's time to take photos and submit the entry and celebrate the achievements from the last 12 weeks.  I won't be signing up for another round; it's time to move on.  To what, I wonder?  I have had a 'look' at a few programs.  I like to follow a program - there's no thinking on my behalf - I just do what I'm told.  Should I go back to a personalised program?  It's tempting.  I loved the fact that I had a program which fit into my life.  If I only had half an hour to train then I would get an intense workout which fit in perfectly to the time available.  It suited my busy schedule.  But I don't think I want to check in daily with a trainer or have to log food etc.  The thing is, I can do this myself.  Now that cricket has finished for winter I have a little more spare time.  I can fit in a couple of Crossfit sessions, go to the gym on ballet days, yoga at home on Wednesday and cardio (whether it's running, spin bike or DVD) on Friday.  I can write myself a 2 day split weights program.  Easy peasy.
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