Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I'm Home

Today is Crossfit day.  I love Crossfit day.  Last night I checked today's WOD on the website, it never looks like much until you actually think about what is expected.  There were a couple of exercises I hadn't heard of before but thanks to my old mate, Google, I will go into the session a little bit prepared.  Today I have that feeling of excitement mixed in with a little bit of fear.  What if I fail? What if I can't do what is asked of me?  I know, though, that they scale it according to my own ability but I have to be honest with myself with what I can and cannot lift.  I know that I will try a lighter weight and then try a heavier weight and see what suits me best for the number of reps I have to do, if I'm unsure of my scaling I know Sean or Benito will give advice.  I haven't failed yet but I have been challenged.  Part way through the WOD my brain tells me no more, to give up but I don't give up, I finish.  Every time I'm shattered, I'm sucking in the air and my muscles are screaming but as I leave I feel like I could have done just one more round; I could have pushed a teeny bit harder and I promise myself I'll do that next time.  Once the endorphins wear off though I know that I really gave it my all and  there wasn't anything left in the tank.  If I finish early I cheer on the remaining participants, I think that is the most appealing part of Crossfit; it feels like a team event.  After training by myself for so long I think I need to be around other people.  I know tonight as I walk in the gym, I will watch the people training, I will hear the music and the words of encouragement and I'll feel like I'm home.
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