Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Break Away

We decided to head away to Elliott Heads last weekend for the May Day holiday.  We went with another family with daughters that are a similar age to my girls which was great as the kids went off on their bikes together to the park and basically had a little bit of freedom which they wouldn't normally have at home.  That's what I love most about camping.  On Sunday, we headed into Bundy for something to do and discovered that not much was open in town, however Rivers has Sunday trading so we went in for a quick look as both Moo and I needed a new pair of Ugg boots for when we go to Cania in June.  I also managed to pick up a couple of things for me as well.

I also bought myself a cardigan, singlet, belt combo which goes nicely with the maxi skirt, I just couldn't find the 'right' shoes but I have a trip to Brissy coming up so I'm sure I'll get something I like.  My goal is to look more feminine.  As I work in industry, my current uniform is black shirt and black pants with steel-cap boots and my previous jobs involved wearing hi-vis clothing (yep, that bright yellow with reflective strips.  YUK!)  Of course, if I'm not wearing my work uniform I'm wearing gym clothes so I have a tendency on the weekend to wear shorts with a singlet because that's what I feel comfortable in.  I love the list of things Meaghan has suggested as they are both comfy but also a little girly.  Of course, she still has shorts and jeans but has given me ideas on how to jazz them up a little.  Now all I need is to have some time to shop!
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