Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Personal Bests

Last night was Crossfit night.  Tuesday night seems to be purely weightlifting training (which I love) and last night we worked on front squats, starting at 5 reps and progressing our way to 1 rep.  As I didn't know what my 1 rep max was I had to feel my way a little bit and ended up at 40 kg which I was pretty pleased with as I still had good form.  I asked the trainer to keep an eye on me when I did the lift to ensure I was okay.  The best part of the night was watching one of the other girls in the group.  Every time I have been to a session she has had to modify her lifts and I have never seen her use a bar for squats as she normally scales her workouts with dumbbells.  Last night she achieved a PB of 17.5 kg, with a 15 kg bar and 1.25 kg plates and she was so excited.  The best bit was when the trainer high-fived her.  There was as much excitement for her achievements as there was for the boys lifting much more.  It's great to be in such a positive environment.
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