Friday, May 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

I seem to be on a bit of a Crossfit high at the moment.  Sorry if I go on about it.  I guess it's like any new training program in that it's exciting while it's all new and shiny.  I have been trying to get there twice a week and getting to my normal gym a couple of times.  My gym has been giving me the irits lately as I can only go when it's peak time and often can't get onto the equipment that I require.  I have been wondering if I should cancel my membership and just train at home but I don't have a squat rack at home which I really need and the gym is just around the corner from the girl's ballet school which is really convenient.  I have also thought that maybe I could go to Crossfit instead but I have read a few negatives regarding this type of training and therefore don't want it to be my only exercise.  It got me thinking about what the appeal to Crossfit is and I realised last night as I squeezed myself into a small corner at the gym that my gym doesn't feel welcoming.  I have been going to this gym since well before Moo was born (maybe 15 years), I go twice a week, sometimes more, and have participated in one of their bootcamps and the trainers very rarely say hello or even acknowledge me.  Granted I have seen many trainers come and go over the years but unless I speak to them first they barely look up.  Compare that to the Crossfit box that I'm going to and when I walk through the door they greet me AND they all know my name.  I know my normal gym has a many more clients but it isn't hard to say hello and make a person feel like the gym is happy you are there.  Funny how something so small can make a huge difference.
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