Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Consistency is King (or Queen)

As I said in my previous post, my training of late has been nothingness interspersed with the occasional rockstar moment.  While it is fantastic to have these moments of greatness, I have decided that this week I'm going for consistency instead.  I have put my head down and, dare I say it, JFDI.  As much as I have come to dislike that acronym, I have found that I need to use it every now and then.

Last night I really didn't want to train.  I was coming up with every excuse under the sun.  I'd had a big day at work and was exhausted from doing a job that involved being in an unventilated area surrounded by 800degC burners.  I felt grotty and tired but went to the gym anyway.  I'm glad I did my workout, I felt so much better for it.  It gave me a chance to shake off my crankiness of the day.  It wasn't my best workout I've ever done but I did it and that made me happy.
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