Monday, July 16, 2012


Something I have noticed recently is just how passionate people are about their health and fitness regime.  Diet seems to be such a big one, particularly in the Bodybuilding world.  According to some people, the fact that I continued to eat dairy and oats even up to the week of both my competitions meant that I wasn't committed enough to getting lean to do it properly.  Never mind that I was happy with the condition I presented at the time and I cruised post-comp.

Exercise is no different.  I have recently witnessed (and got a little involved in) a discussion regarding the Kipping pull up.  Some people regard it as cheating, and maybe it is, but considering gymnasts learn this form of pull up I'm inclined to say, 'horses for courses'.  The thing that has frustrated me was the initial post was from a person had written about how she got a PB with pullups but when she saw that some other people had gotten a lot more using another technique she had said that she needs to do this technique to say she can do more pullups than what she is currently doing.  To me, it's like comparing apples and oranges.  You can't compare strict pullups with Kipping pullups.  Why couldn't she just celebrate her PB?  The other part is that someone has posted a video of them doing some Kippings and one lady has said she is going to try them at the gym.  It worries me that she is going to do an exercise based on what she has seen from someone posting a video clip.  Obviously, we do Kipping at Crossfit.  I have yet to do any that aren't modified in any way and I currently do jumping pull ups to learn the motion but I have also used a band.  There seems to be a bit of a knack to them, or maybe I'm just a bit useless, but I doubt I could just go to the gym and do them.  Is it reasonable for someone who can't do pullups to try a different style without any assistance?  Am I just being over cautious?
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