Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I feel like every week I give myself homework.  I want to improve or in some cases just simply be able to do the exercises that have been set.  I wish I had time to do the things that I want to practice at home but I always seem to run out of time.

Last nights training included overhead squats.  As usual we did the technique using the broomsticks and then moved onto the 15 kg O-bar.  It always surprises me how different the exercise feels under load and I really didn't feel that comfortable with the movement.  My hips seem to be taking a long time to warm up to the squat and while I do get to the box early and warm up I think I need a bit more time to get the depth that is required.  It wasn't just my hips that didn't like it though; it just felt wrong.  As I felt uncomfortable I modified to front squats instead.

I know that I am able to perform these with the broomstick so the homework I have set for myself is to do these at a lower weight, even if I just use my regular bar at home (which is about 5 kg) and build from there.  Of course, I have to practice the snatch as well.  I'll have to add this to my current homework of box jumps and wall walks.
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