Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Faces of Exercise

I would love to see my facial expressions when I train.  It doesn't matter what type of training I'm doing I go through the same range of expressions; it could be a Body Attack class, going for a run or even yoga.

The first is the excited face just before a session.  I reckon I must be similar to my Border Collie just before we go out walking.  I'm bouncing around, ready to attack the workout and keen to get started.

Then comes the look of assessment.  I think about what my plan is for the session.  If I'm doing Crossfit, I'll think about my scaling.

When the workout starts I get the look of determination.  I'm pumped and am giving it my all.

As fatigue starts to set in I have a look of panic.  "Can I do this?"

And then comes the "I don't wanna" look.  I'm ready to quit, things are hurting and I don't want to play this game anymore.  There are times I most probably look like I'm about to burst into tears and there have been times when I nearly have.  Sometimes I start laughing instead of crying.  If I'm running, I usually start talking to the dog.  At Body Attack, I'll sing along with the song  ... anything to get my mind off it.

Toward the end of the workout I start to focus again.  I pick a point and stare at it.  The end is in sight and I know I can make it.  Unfortunately, if I have gone for a run, the end is usually the hill that we live on but I power up it even though I'm shattered.

And then there is that look of relief and joy when I'm done.  Even if I feel a little green around the gills I'm always smiling at the end of the workout.
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