Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Quitting

Recently I have allowed myself to wallow in self pity.  My inner child has come out to play and I have had tantrums that because things don't come naturally to me, why should I bother.  It would be easier to quit or to stick to things I know and am good at.  Last week I finished last in a timed WOD, not by a couple of seconds but by a few minutes.  I was glad I finished and didn't quit but at the same time I felt disappointed.  I also feel like this when there are workouts that involve box jumps or anything with gymnastics (I have never, ever been able to do a handstand etc).  I have to modify to suit my limited abilities.  I guess it would be easier to quit but then I think of all the things that I have achieved that I never thought I could do.  The thing with not having a particular talent for anything is that I am always getting better and the smallest improvements are massive for me.

Tonight's workout involves wall walks which terrifies me, only because I fear failure, but I'm not a quitter.  I'll go and give them a try, if I can't do them, that's life, it only gives me something to improve upon.
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