Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quitting The Gym

This is something that I have been thinking about for awhile.  I have been going to the same gym since before the kidlets were born so it has been a tough decision.  There are a few reasons to keep going to that particular gym:
  • It's close to the girl's dance studio and I can duck in while the girls were at lessons.
  • Hubby gets me a reduced rate through his work.
  • There is variety in the equipment.  I love cable crossovers, seated rows etc.
  • I haven't been to a class in ages but I like the idea that if I wanted to go I can.
There are also several negatives:
  • I can only get there at peak time so I can't get on the equipment that I require.
  • The girl's are at dancing for 1 1/2  hours and my training only takes around 40 minutes so I have plenty of spare time to kill but not enough time to go home and get stuff done around the house.
  • I can do everything I need at home.  Now that I have a squat rack and I've had a chin-up station for years I have no need for the gym.
  • There's very little interaction at the gym.  I'm getting more out of Crossfit at the moment as I get paired up with people of similar abilities to me, I think I need to be around like-minded people that push me just that little bit harder.
  • The reason I stopped going to the classes is that they changed the times for Body Balance and Body Attack is just too busy.
I think it's time to cancel my membership.  I know that if I ever change my mind I can always join up again but I don't think the gym is giving me what I need at this point.

Fundraising for Legacy at Crossfit on Saturday

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