Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Digging Deep

It's funny how a little sub-15 minute workout can nearly break you.  Last night's workout was:

4 Rounds for Time:
400m Run
4 DB Dead-Lifts 20kg/15kg
4 DB Squat Cleans 20kg/15kg
4 DB Thrusters 20kg/15kg
4 DB Push Ups
It doesn't look that hard, does it?  Looks can be deceiving though!  The weights are RX'd (as usual) and my weapons of choice were 6 kg dumbbells.  The runs were the tough part as I would get back to the gym sucking in the air and not really wanted to do any leg work.  By the third round I wanted to give up but I told myself that I was over halfway and I have done (and survived) tougher workouts before.
I love squat cleans and thrusters.  Because they use both upper and lower body it always feels like you get more bang for your buck.  But, boy, they get your heartrate up and that last round of exercises were pretty tough going.
When we do workouts like these we are given a cut off time.  With this one we had a 'hard' 15 minute cut off, by that it means that if someone gets to the 15 minutes and hasn't completed the workout they stop then and there.  I like having a cut off because it keeps me moving.  I've done workouts like these for the 12wbt at home and I would stop and take a breather and a drink ... I would pretty much take my time ... so being forced to get a workout done within a certain time limit is a good way to push me.  I was pleased with my time of 13:26, it wasn't the fastest nor was it the slowest - gotta be happy with that :-)
Today I train at home and I think I will do the WOD from the box as it is a strength day including squats, shoulder press and pull ups.  I need to work on my squat technique as I tend to not go deep enough as the weight increases so I'll keep the weights a little lighter to ensure I do a full squat.  I looooove strength days :-)
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