Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mean Girls

Today I need to rant.  The last few days I have been biting my tongue an awful lot as I know PMT has struck and I fear that I might say something I truly regret in one of the private FB groups I'm in.  A girl in the group competed at a fitness expo on the weekend.  The competition was a bikini model comp and she is clearly suited for Figure and borderline Physique so needless to say she didn't place.  She knew that she wasn't the right physique for the comp and was okay with that but the other women in this group that also went to cheer for her on the day swooped on a few of the other girls that competed.  In a photo they posted in the group they called one particular girl a 'fucktard' and went on to say that there were several 'fucktards' there on the day and some of them looked totally clueless.  This is when I saw red.  I can handle constructive critism of someone's physique or their posing etc but what they said was just plain old mean particularly when they have never set foot on stage.  My comment was that anyone who puts themselves 'out there' on stage in an itty bitty bikini should be applauded.  As I said, PMT has made me a little bit more precious than normal but I'm really over mean girls.

Okay, my little vent is over ... time to move on.

On a positive note, my training is still rockin'.  I have scraped shins from deadlifts and calluses on my hands and I'm loving every second of it :-)

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