Monday, October 29, 2012

Partner WODs

Saturday's WOD

As a pair
6 Rounds for Time:
600m Dumbbell Carry 15kg/8kg
20 Toes 2 Bar
20 Over-Head Walking Lunge steps 20kg/15kg
20 KB SDHP 32kg/24kg
* First Partner Completes the run, as soon as the First partner has completed the run, the second partner can Start the Run, while the second partner is completing the run , the first partner can complete the required repetitions. Once the First partner completes the run and the reps, the first round is completed. The First partner can then not start the next run until the second partner returns. Once second partner has returned the first partner can start a new round, whilst second partner completes the second round. Each partner will have to complete 3 rounds each.
It sounds really complicated but it wasn't really.  Pretty much one partner was out running while the other was in doing the rest of the workout.
I love the Saturday WODs, they are heaps of fun.  I used to get quite nervous prior to a partner workout as I always worried that I would let the team down but we are always paired with someone of similar fitness and skill level.  The last few weeks I have teamed myself with the same person, we seem to compliment each other quite well as I'm slightly stronger and she's better at running, double unders etc.  The workout above was a toughie.  Our warm up consisted of doing the run and then practicing each of the moves.  It was unfortunate that we were in another section and were therefore  after others to pick our dumbbells for the run and all that was left were either light or heavy weights.  We chose 3 kg weights which were a bit too light.  We also decided on 12 kg for our sumo deadlift high pull which again were not heavy enough.  It was still quite a challenge but we noticed that while we ran the course, most people were walking.  Our time was 26:21; the first couple to complete the workout.  As I said in my other post, scaling can be tricky but we will know for next time.
Now that Moo will be starting back at cricket on a Saturday morning I was thinking that my Saturday sesh days were numbered.  I was feeling a little down about it as I get so much out of the workouts both physically and mentally.  Last year, Mal took Moo to cricket as she had to be there at 7:30 and I would stay home with Missy T.  I have asked our head coach if it was okay if I took Missy T along with me to CF and was pleased when he said yes.  She will have her books and iPod so she shouldn't get in the way.  She is actually looking forward to it, as she said to me the other day she can't wait to see me broken.
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