Friday, October 26, 2012

The Lingo

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The CrossFit Dictionary

Confused by some of the terminology, acronyms, and lingo on our website? The following is a list of most of CrossFit's most common jargon that we all use as part of our own little language:

WOD - Stands for Workout of the Day. This all started when Greg Glassman began posting a daily workout for his athletes to follow. The WOD is the workout our athletes will be doing (or some variation thereof) in the group class times on that day. Ours is posted every morning at 5am so you can check out what's in store for you today!

AMRAP - stands for As Many Rounds (or sometimes Reps) As Possible. This a very common workout structure where you have a set amount of time to do as much work as you can. Most AMRAPs are 20 minutes long, but you will occasionally see some 10, 12, 15, 30 minute or other length workouts.

RFT - stands for Rounds For Time. The opposite structure of an AMRAP, in a RFT workout you have a set amount of work to do and we see how long it takes you

The Girls - These are the named benchmark workouts that the entire CrossFit community around the world understands. Like Hurricanes, they are named after women. As you repeat these WODs over time they allow you to see your progress through faster times or more reps. Everyone has a favorite and most hated Girl. When CrossFiters ask about your "Fran" or "Angie" time, they're talking about workouts, not last weekend's conquest!

The Heroes - These are the same principle as the girls but they are named to commemorate fallen military and law enforcement personnel. The Heroes are usually longer and more grueling than the average workout to recognize, in some small and inadequate way, the sacrifice made by these men and their families.

Scaled - When attending a CrossFit class every one does the same workout...the young, old, fit, and not-so-fit. So how does that work? By scaling down the workouts to an individuals specific abilities. All of the WODs are infinitely scalable so anyone of any fitness level can do a version that suits their skill level. If the WOD is too much we can scale down the weight, reps, time, or alter the movements. CrossFit is primarily concerned with functional movements - those skills we need outside the gym - so we are all on the same path, just at different points. Everybody scales the workouts in the beginning and it is a big deal to work up to the point of being able to complete a workout without scaling. Which leads us to....

As RX'd - This is completing the workout exactly how it was prescribed without any scaling. Full reps, full weight, full range of motion all in the right order. A lot of the WODs are truly brutal so just completing them as RX'd is a big accomplishment.

PR - Stands for Personal Record. Even though you're working out with others you're really only in competition with yourself. When you improve a WOD time or lift a weight you've never done before you just got a PR... nice job!

SDLHP - This is an exercise with a name so long it had to be changed to an acronym . It stands for Sumo-Deadlift-High-Pull. Sumo is the stance, Deadlift initiates the movement the high pull finishes it.

HSPU - Another acronym. This one stands for HandStand PushUp. Get your self into a handstand, lower your self until your head touches the floor, and then push yourself back up into a handstand. Definitely a great party trick!

Kipping - Kipping pull ups are a gymnastics move that allows you to transfer horizontal momentum into vertical momentum. This allows you do pull ups at a faster pace and get more done in a row. At first sight, some people will think it's cheating. But in fact, Kipping uses a lot more muscles allowing you to get more work done fast, thus increasing the power output and the intensity of the move versus a strict deadhang pullup.

Box - The box is the name we've given to the facility where CrossFit happens. This was most likely just to separate us form the Gold's Gyms and Pilates Studios out there in world. It's not a gym, it's not a studio, it's a box.
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