Friday, November 02, 2012

No Coffee November

A couple of peeps have started a challenge this month which is not having any chocolate for this month.  Chocolate isn't such a big issue for me but I decided to join in and added my own challenge which is not having any coffee for November.

I don't drink an awful lot of coffee; only about 2 - 3 and sometimes a smidge more on a bad day, but add to the mix my green tea and the occasional cup of Earl Grey or Chai tea I think my caffeine intake is more than I should be having.  The fact that I have starting shaking again recently is a pretty good sign too.  Now, I shake at the best of times as does my mother, sister and a few other rellies but I noticed when I eat 'clean' (by clean I mean largely unprocessed foods and refined carbs) my shaking is almost non-existent.  My food hasn't changed too much but my caffeine intake has, particularly when you take into account the  fact that I have 2 cups of coffee and a cup of tea before 10 am it is no wonder I have the jitters.  I also think I can do without that teaspoon of sugar each time I have a coffee as well.

I am on Day 2 and I haven't noticed any withdrawal symptoms yet.  Maybe it's because I'm still drinking green tea so am still getting a caffeine hit.  Mind you, I was at home with Moo yesterday so work today will be interesting ... I'll have to figure another way to get over that 3 pm slump.
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