Thursday, November 08, 2012

Today's Workout

Today is the benchmark workout 'Fight Gone Bad'.  It consists of:

5 Rounds AMRAP
1 min Wall Balls
1 min SDHP
1 min Box Jumps
1 min Push Press
1 min Calorie Row
1 min Rest

I'm hoping to get to this one this arv but I guess it depends on how my shoulder is feeling after getting the BCC cut out.  I've never done this one and I'm always keen to do a benchmark workout as I know we will do it again in the future and I can see any improvements I've made over the course of time.  It looks pretty scary though!

Update: Back from the docs and it looks like I'm off exercise for at least a week :'(  I guess it will give me an opportunity to get some stuff sorted out around the house.
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