Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another PT Session

I had my second session with Jardan this morning.  I decided that I wanted to do a metcon workout today to help with my fitness.  After my Monday session, we were chatting about kipping pullups and how I have managed to miss the sessions on how to learn to do them so she included some time this morning to learn a couple of the tricks.  While I didn't quite get one out I was really happy with what I learnt and will add it to my homework list.  We then did a quick metcon workout which involved an ascending ladder of kettlebell swings, double unders and pull ups.  Again, I am surprised at how a 12 minute workout can leave you totally shattered but I was really pleased with my double unders today as I got quite a few out.  Yay for progress!

I have hinted to Hubby that I would like a few sessions as a Chrissy present, I hope he listened!  It was great to have the time to work on a few things rather than trying to squeeze it in during a workout.  Either way, I got a lot out of both the sessions that I can now take away with me and use it in my workouts.
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