Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nasty Girls

I stupidly decided to go back to crossfit yesterday for the WOD.  I mean, how could I pass up the opportunity to do a workout called 'Nasty Girls.'  It looks like this:

“Nasty Girls”
For Time
3 Rounds of:
50 Air Squats
7 Muscle Ups
10 Hang Power Cleans 60kg/40kg
Of course I had to modify the muscle ups with the scaling option being 14 pull ups (with a band) and 14 knee push ups.  My cleans were at 15 kg.
I was pretty sore from the previous day's workout as well as my morning PT session so chose a weight and options I thought I could handle.  In hindsight I could have done bench push ups and maybe 17.5 kg for cleans but the pull ups absolutely killed me.
Due to having the PT session in the morning, Mossy missed his daily walk but I made it up to him once I got home from the gym.  I was walking a bit 'special' after all those air squats but I think it helped my legs recover as they aren't feeling too bad.  Upper body is a different kettle of fish.
I checked the WOD for today and am starting to think the coach really hates us.
For Time:
1km Run
10 Pull Ups
10 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
900m Run
9 Pull Ups
9 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
800m Run
8 Pull Ups
8 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
700m Run
7 Pull Ups
7 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
600m Run
6 Pull Ups
6 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
500m Run
5 Pull Ups
5 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
400m Run
4 Pull Ups
4 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
300m Run
3 Pull Ups
3 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
200m Run
2 Pull Ups
2 KB Swings 32kg/24kg
100m Run
1 Pull Up
1 KB Swing 32kg/24kg
More pull ups!!!  At least it's a descending ladder so there are less reps each round but that's not what is worrying me ... it's the running!  I think I'm going to die!

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