Tuesday, December 18, 2012

PT Session

Yesterday, I had my first session with Jardan from JM Evolution Fitness.  This was one of the 2 sessions that I had won last week.  I had decided that I wanted to work on some technique, particularly things like push press and push jerks as I tend to lose my explosiveness when the weight gets heavy.  It was great to have someone assess my form and to give me some pointers that I can take away and try  ... particularly with my breathing.

I also need to work on my general explosiveness which, by doing things like box jumps and tuck jumps etc will help with my lifts.  We worked on my jumps which sent me into freak out mode straight away.  Of course, my thinky brain went into overdrive and despite trying to use some of the techniques that I learnt on the weekend to shut it out, I again struggled with getting 2 feet off the ground at once.  Funny, though, when I held onto Jardan's hands I had no issues ... it is me not trusting in myself that is letting me down.  I feel good about it though as it gives me something to work toward.  In the meantime, I will continue to practice switching off my thinky brain.
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