Monday, December 17, 2012


What can I say but, WOW!  I have spent the last couple of days doing the Emazon 'Stand Your Ground' Workshops.  To give you an idea, here is a little blurb from her website:

STAND is the signature statement of Emazon. For the past 12 years Emazon has instilled the belief we all have the intelligence, strength and drive to overcome the battles we face. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, STANDS is the belief we all have the fight within us to stand up and claim what we need.

The STAND is to rise above the struggle of social conditioning, body image, illness, bullying, past trauma, self esteem and the daily pressure of life. These lead to physical imbalances such as weight gain/loss and health issues and emotional blockages such as addictions and self sabotaging behaviour. For over a decade Emazon has helped thousands of men, women and teens transform their lives, health and head space by using the STAND training techniques and products you will on EMAZON.TV.
Emazon brings the renown TV experience to you condensed into a series of courses, workshops and professional programs and 1:1 coaching. The principles of STAND have been integrated into all the support resources, products and merchandise found on Emazon.TV.

It was a fantastic workshop and one I would highly recommend.  I find it hard to articulate what I am actually feeling today apart from the fact that there is a sense of calm ... that a weight has been lifted.  It wasn't an easy workshop, there was a couple of times that it felt too hard and I was tempted to walk out.  I wasn't in my comfort zone and I didn't like it.  The usual issues of feeling like I was doing it wrong, that I was failing also surfaced.  And then I realised that I am okay, that I am strong and am on the right path and am enough.

Emma and I

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