Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back To Routine

The school year has begun again and I'm back to work after having a week and a half off.  I really enjoyed my time off and I really didn't want it to end.  It is scary that my eldest starts Year 7 this year and I'm glad that she didn't decide to do the trial of year 7 in high school ... I don't think I'm mentally ready for a high school child yet!

I have decided to continue trying to get to CrossFit daily as I am getting so much out of it.  I am going through a frustrated phase with it ... particularly as I haven't seen any improvements with some movements.  I know I need to be patient and keep on trying but it can be hard when people who started after me are able to get it and I'm still struggling.  I know I shouldn't compare but the competitive nature in me can't really help it ... and besides, that makes me try that little bit harder.  There are times, though, that I wish my abilities matched with my willingness to do the movements.  I guess it's one of those times when I need to review how far I have come in the last year.

Today we had a WOD of squat cleans and split jerks.  I am still raising my butt a little when I deadlift which is putting pressure on my lower back so I need to be conscious of that and work on my technique more.  The split jerks were interesting as I have never done this move before.  We have always performed the jerk with the legs staying under the hips.  I kept my weights quite low for both these so I could focus on technique.  There was so much to think about during these lifts and I think my brain got just as much of a workout as my body.

We then had a little finisher of a 10 minute AMRAP of 10 toes to rings and 10 burpees.  My scaling option for this was knees to chest (on the pull up bar) and knee burpees.  I managed 7 rounds in the 10 minutes which I was pretty happy with.
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