Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cabin Fever

Photo: *sigh* #cabinfever
The View From Our Veranda
As I'm sure you are aware, we are currently being saturated by ex-tropical cyclone Oswald.  Since Thursday we have been hammered with over 200 ml of rain a day as well as gale-force winds which has resulted in a lot of time being cooped up indoors and needless to say there is a bit of cabin fever happening.  I shouldn't complain though as some of the low lying areas have suffered some flooding.

I gave CrossFit a miss yesterday as I didn't fancy driving around in the weather (particularly the wind) but had to get out of the house today to get some exercise.  We did a fun team WOD and I was teamed up with a newbie and a teenage boy today.  The lady was really nervous but I hope I helped her get over her nerves.  I felt bad because she kept apologising to us (until I told her to stop it).  I know that I most probably could have worked a bit harder today as we had to keep our weights lower and that's okay because I think we had a bit of fun and while I didn't feel flogged afterwards I got a chance to meet some new people and have a bit of a laugh running around in the rain.

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