Sunday, January 13, 2013

On Top Of The World

The week finished as it started with a team WOD.  Yesterday's was in a team of 5 with an AMRAP at 5 different stations.  Like all team WODs it was tough but lots of fun and surprisingly I felt like the 400 m run leg was the easiest (who would-a thunk that?!)  Our overall score was 976 ... so close to 1000 ... a great score which we were all pretty happy with.

It was a fantastic week of exercise.  I got to all the sessions plus a PT session with Jardan.  I have learnt that when she says that she has a good workout for me today that I should be a little scared.  LOL!  This weeks session was an adaption of the hero workout Coe (10 rounds of 10 thrusters and ring push ups).  Because we did squats in the morning she changed the 10 rounds of 10 thrusters to sumo deadlift high pulls.  I enjoyed this one and got it done in under 15 minutes (14:59 in fact!)  The only problem with ring push ups is:
I also need to start protecting my hands a little better.  I stopped using gloves as they apparently interfere with grip strength but doing deadlifts the other day caused this:
Apart from my bumps and bruises (and whip marks from my failed double under attempts), I have loved every second of the past week and can't wait until tomorrow when it starts all over again.

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