Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Strength Day

Today we did front squats, another exercise that I enjoy doing.  I have been going to the early sessions over the last week.  It's great as they are smaller and today we had 3 coaches to around 8 people so there was ample opportunity for the coaches to keep a good eye on our form and iron out any glitches.

One of the coaches, Dave, picked up that my knees are going slighly forward on my squat so has given me an exercise to do to ensure that I push my knees out and stay off my toes.  Funnily enough it is the same exercise that Lisa gave me when I did my few sessions with her.  On squat days I need practice my squat while facing a wall which will force my knees out.  By getting this right, it will help me with my various olympic lifts as often I am trying to get the bar over my knees.

The other pointer I got from Jardan a few weeks ago.  I have been working on my breathing during my lifting moves and I'm amazed the difference it has made to my lifting the last couple of days.  I didn't get a PB today but I felt really good in the lifts and I think with the little tweaks that the coaches have given me I will see some improvements in the near future.  I also think that while I have lifted heavier on front squats before I didn't get low enough in the squat that time so today may have been a lower weight but it was a lot better form.

As usual, we finished the workout with a 'final blast' (to use a 12wbt term).  This was a partner workouts of medicine ball cleans and double unders.  The prescribed weight for the workout was 6 kg med ball which both my partner and I used that means we RXd the workout. YAY!  That was one of my goals for the year :-D  It was a pretty easy workout to do as prescribed but, hell, I'm notching it up!
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