Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3,2,1 ....

There is always that moment of anticipation prior to a workout.  I find I always have butterflies as the nerves kick in.  It is important for me to harness those nerves and ensure that I don't go out too hard too early.

This morning was a running, toes to bar (in my case knee to chest) and push up WOD.  I was the last person to return from the first run.  I have learnt not to try to keep up with the pack in the run legs.  I'm not fast and I will only wear myself out by pushing it too much.  However, I make up time in the rest of the workout.  I try for minimal rests and faster transitions.  I need to improve in these areas as well but I think this is where I caught up.  I went from last to finishing second which I was so happy with.

How to pace the workout is an important thing to learn.  It is common that people flog themselves early and then are unable to complete the workout.  For me, slow and steady wins the race and I like to have a little bit in the tank to pick up the pace toward the end and, besides,  I know as I get fitter and stronger my times will improve.  Although, I often don't really care about times ... I'm usually just pumped to have completed the workout :)
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