Thursday, February 14, 2013

Annie, Are You Okay?

I've been going around singing 'Smooth Criminal' since today's WOD was posted as it is called 'Annie, Are You OK?' and looks a little like this:

21 , 15 , 9 Reps of:
Calorie Row / KB Swings 24kg/16kg
Thrusters 30kg/20kg
Med Ball Clean 10kg/6kg
SDHP 30kg/20kg
Wall Ball 10kg/6kg
I'm not really sure how I'm going to make it through this one but I guess I will just chip away at the reps until I'm done.  I wish I was just a little bit stronger so I could do it RX'd, the thrusters, med ball clean, SDHP and burpees would be fine but I don't have quite enough strength to do the KB swings and wall balls at the prescribed weight ... oh well, next time perhaps.
Until this workout the rest of the week has been fairly low-key with a few strength days and mobility work.  Somehow I still managed to lose some bark off me and acquired some new bruises ... I honestly don't know how I keep doing it to myself.
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