Monday, February 11, 2013

Taking a Step Back

Last week was a tough one.  We did 3 hero workouts and 1 x 10 rounder in 4 days which was exhausting both mentally and physically.  This is when scaling is important.  I know I can't go 'balls to the wall' every workout, my training suffers and as a result I take too many rests or my form goes out the window.  Some days it's better to lower the weight or reduce the reps or rounds to get a better quality workout.

I chose on Friday to reduce the number of rounds.  I know that I most probably would have been able to get through 10 rounds but I also knew that we had a humdinger of a workout on Saturday.  Personally, I would rather smash a hero workout than a normal WOD purely because it's a benchmark one that we will repeat sometime down the track.  I made the choice to only do 5 rounds.  It was a hard decision to make as I felt like I was cherry picking but, in all honesty, I was sore and tired and wasn't up for it mentally.

I was glad that I made that choice during Saturday's sesson.  A lot of people didn't complete the workout in the alloted time.  In saying that, I scaled so I was challenged but I never doubted I wouldn't make it (apart from a little nausea in some parts).  I guess it is important to learn the days you can step back and the days you can step up and hopefully it will make me a better athlete in the long run.
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