Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cindy Revisted

Cindy would have to be one of my favourite benchmark workouts.  I think it's because of its simplicity; there is no need to fancy equipment, just a pull up bar and your bodyweight.  Although it looks simple, it really gets you and a few minutes into it you realise just how far you have to go.

I first did this workout around July last year when I was a relative newbie to CF.  I scaled the workout to 15 minutes, did jumping pull ups and knee pushups.  My score was 12 rounds.  My second attempt was in October last year.  I had to do this one at home and because I had no bands I had to do jumping pull ups again and chose to do knee pushups again (the pushups are the hardest bit).  I improved my score by 4 and was ecstatic.

Today I chose to use the purple band (it goes in order of the assistance it provides blue, green, purple, orange).  This workout has a high volume of work so there is no way I could do it unassisted.  I also chose to do bench pushup which is the next scaling up from knee push ups.

It was a really tough workout and I was no-repped a couple of times for not quite getting my chin over the bar or chest touching the bench.  I appreciate my partner doing that as it will make me stronger in the long run and it also ensures that I always try for good reps ... it doesn't help me if my form gets sloppy.  I was incredibly happy when I got 14 rounds plus an extra 4 pull ups.  It wasn't far off my October score but a lot harder scaling so there was a big thumbs up for progress today :-)

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