Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Progress Not Perfection

Yesterday I had my PT session with Jardan.  I think it was the shot in the arm that I needed after a few flat workouts.  I always know that she has something 'fun' in store for me and yesterday was no exception with a workout of 5 rounds of 5 burpee pullups, 10 deficit deadlifts and 7 overhead squats.  It was designed to work on my kipping pull ups as well as my overhead squats but it was a mental challenge as well.  I find it hard to jump up to the bar and this was compounded when I stood on some plates so I didn't have as far to jump.  You see, I'm afraid of being up high.  I struggle standing on ladders and even take a second when I have to go down stairs particularly if I have something in my hands so standing on 2 bumper plates and then having to jump up to catch a bar freaked me out a little.  Each time I jumped I had to talk myself into doing it but each time I easily made it but I was terrified and trembling.  As I fatigued I didn't have the mental energy to keep going so we added another bumper so I could reach.  Funny how fear can get you but I was pretty proud of the fact that I got quite a few out and it has built my confidence for next time.

Working on the kipping pull ups was great.  I need to improve the kip (also known as the 'Jackie Chan') as I tend to just muscle my way up but I know I will get better each time I practice.  I was also pleased with the squats.  Even with the piddly weight of 10 kg it was a struggle but I felt like I improved my form as the workout went on.

The deadlifts were good fun and it was fun to hit the hammies in a slightly different way with that extra stretch.

There are times when I get down because I want to do the exercises as prescribed.  I get so frustrated with having to accomodate for the fact I can't do certain things particularly things that less experienced CrossFitters can do (hello box jumps!) but I need to remind myself that it is me versus me.  That it's about progress not perfection.  Instead of beating myself up for the fear of jumping up to the bar I'm celebrating the fact that I jumped up to that bar 15+ times.  Today I'm happy that I have increased my plate height on my box jumps just a smidge and jumped up with good form.  Today I'm stronger than yesterday :-)

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