Friday, March 01, 2013

Kobayashi Maru

I'm not a 'Trekkie' but I thought this was quite fitting for last night's workout.  It was a taste of things to come as the CrossFit Open starts next week and the WOD was from Week 4 in 2011.

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
60 Bar-facing burpees
30 Overhead squat, 55kg/40kg
10 Muscle-ups

I knew I was on a hiding to nothing, there was no way I complete a full round.  Needless to say I was terrified ... I was in for 10 minutes of hell.  I'm sure when this was posted on the Games website in 2011 it separated the men from the boys, so to speak.  Most people were in a no win situation.

We were separated up into groups.  There were scaling options for both number of reps as well as changing the OH squat to front squats and muscle ups to pull ups.  As I have put my name down for the Open I was put into the group for full reps and OH squat.  There is another lady who has also put her name down for the Open who is of a similar fitness to me and it was funny that we had to go over with the 'guns'.

I scaled my weight for the squat to 10 kg.  I still tend to go on my toes a bit in the squat so it is best I continue to keep my weight low while I perfect my form.  My score was 60 burpees + 24 squats in the 10 minutes which I was pretty happy with although I think I should have been no-repped for my burpees as I was not jumping over the bar with 2 feet.  I was fine during practice but as soon as the WOD started my feet didn't do what I wanted them to!  It wasn't helped by the fact that I didn't jump high enough and tripped over the bar.

I was really happy with my score.  I'm not sure how many people actually completed the workout as prescribed but I don't think it was too many and to get 80% of it done was a pretty good achievement.  It's funny how if I hadn't signed up for the Open I would have most probably done the scaled version and be content with that but last night a few of us pushed ourselves further outside our comfort zone.
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