Saturday, February 02, 2013

Fight Gone Bad

You know you are in for a tough one when the name of the workout is Fight Gone Bad.  The workout is as follows:

3 Round – AMRAP
(one minute of each of the following)
Wall Ball 10kg
SDHP 35kg
Box Jumps 20″
Push Press 35kg
Calorie Row

Today my scaling was 4 kg wall balls, 15 kg sumo deadlift high pulls and push press and I stacked 25, 15 and 5 kg plates (which is the most of I have stacked) for box jumps.  It was a tough workout and I managed to push out 87 reps first round and then 71 and 64 in the subsequent rounds.  My first round of box jumps were really good but as I fatigued in the other 2 rounds I started to skip my jumps ... something I need to work on and maybe it means sticking to this height for awhile until I'm totally comfortable with it.

Last night's workout was clean and jerks with the rep range heading toward our 1RM.  I left my workout a little disappointed with my 1RM (silly me was comparing with the other girls in the class) until I got home and logged my workout and realised I improved my clean and jerk by 2.5 kg and I recorded my failed clean and jerk attempt as just a clean because I performed that part of the move well (and failed on the jerk part) and I actually improved my squat clean by 5 kg.  I think I need to give myself a break sometimes!

I think this type of training really suits me as my performance is improving at a steady state.  I'm not breaking any records and I will never be a standout at the gym but lately it seems like I am improving in some way each week and that's all anyone can ask :-)
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