Monday, February 04, 2013

Something New

Today we did a strength workout of 5 rounds of 1 power snatch, 3 squat snatches and 5 overhead squats.  I have not done a lot of work on the snatch or overhead squats and have never tried squat snatches before so I was a little aprehensive but also looking forward to giving this workout a go.

We started the session with some mobility work to allow for more flexibility in our back and shoulders and then it was onto the broomstick.  My hips weren't playing nice today and it took me a little while to warm up.  It was my own fault as I fluffed around at home and didn't allow myself time for the extra mobility that my body needs.

I was paired up with my usual partner.  We are both in our 40's and spend a lot of our time chatting about things.  The good thing is we have similar issues with our mobility so there isn't that pressure there to go beyond our limits trying to keep up with a young 'un.  I was pretty pleased when she agreed to using the 10 kg bar today as I wasn't confident I could overhead squat anymore than that.

As usual I found the overhead squat an awkward movement and really had to fight to have good form.  We were lucky to have plenty of time to focus on mobility in between sets and I spent a lot of the session stretching with the band or practicing my squat facing the wall.  The coaches were so patient and encouraging as it was a totally unfamiliar move for most of us.  I know next time overhead squats and squat snatches come up I will improve on today's attempts.
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