Tuesday, February 05, 2013


After my last round of the 12wbt I felt totally aimless ... in reality it was most probably before that.  I felt like I needed a big goal to strive for to give me a reason to train.  I have never had much success at setting weight training goals as I would find it hard to gain strength and would eventually get bored due to not making any headway.  I had no desire to do a marathon or triathlon ... I admire people who do these things but, for me, why run 42 km when I have a car?  And I knew I was done and dusted with competing.

CrossFit has been the perfect fit for me.  I have a few different goals that I want to achieve with a range of skills required.  But what has been important to me is that I'm seeing progress and when I see that improvement I move the goal posts slightly to give me the next thing to strive for.

My number 1 goal recently was to be able to do a kipping pullup.  My end goal is to do a benchmark workout as prescribed (or RX'd) and there are a couple that are bodyweight workouts (pullups, pushups, squats) which I have my eye on.  I achieved my first kipping pull up on the weekend.  Yay!  Goal achieved!  The next step is to link 5 together unbroken.  As one goal is achieved, another slips into it's place.  If only my double unders were coming along as well *sigh*  LOL!
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